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Bahner III

Product Description

The HEYER BAHNER III is a portable anesthesia unit for ambulant use. It may also be used as a stationary device in medical surgeries or in ORs.

The BAHNER III is divided into an application unit and gas supply unit for easy transport. Its integrated circuit system and monitoring system adjustable to your requirements offer you the same standards of safety and convenience as a hospital OR.

Benefits of the system include effective patient gas preparation by means of the circuit system and reduction of fresh gas use thanks to the high-efficiency system sealing. Low-flow operation is possible.

As with your stationary unit, gas supply is ensured by an oxygen-shortage signal and a nitrous oxide shut-off. For stationary use the HEYER BAHNER III can be connected to the central gas supply. In the interests of environmental protection, the unit can be used with anesthetic gas scavenging systems.

Product Details

If required, the HEYER BAHNER III can be extended into a portable anesthesia unit system to meet the highest professional standards.

The optional transport box contains all necessary components and the basic unit for your anesthesia mobility guarantee. The BAHNER III meets your needs also in isolated regions or disaster relief situations.

As all of HEYER's anesthesia units the BAHNER III reflects our commitment to building ultra-efficient devices for the demanding specialist.
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