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Richard Wolf BOA Vision

Product Description

Unique—the new, innovative, flexible single-channel sensor ureteroscope

Product Details

The flexible single-channel sensor ureteroscope BOA vision ranks among the pioneers in the market for video URS, because it is currently one of the only sensor URS capable of being used in an access sheath as small as 9.5 Fr.

The BOA vision embodies an impressive slim design, excellent detailed image quality with a 3.6 Fr. working and irrigation channel, and 270° upward/downward deflection.

Additionally, the BOA vision has a sensor unit which operates together with the latest ENDOCAM Logic HD camera controller. This instrument is illuminated with a pair of integrated LEDs for optimum illumination of the operating site without any interference from light spots.

● Slim, flexible single-channel Sensor URS
● Ergonomically designed handle with axial camera cable
● Atraumatic, oblique distal tip made of stainless steel
● 3.6 Fr. working and irrigation channel
● Active upward/downward deflection of 270°
● Sensor URS will fit in ureter access sheath from 9.5 Fr.
● Ideal for narrow ureters
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