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Product Description

Wide range of applications
HEYER Cumulus is suitable for the treatment of respiratory tract conditions such as asthma, bronchitis, chronic respiratory infections and many more.
The unit can be used flexibly for all areas of respiratory treatment and air humidification. Our range of accessories is tailored for optimum application in hospitals, surgeries and at home.

High hygienic convenience
HEYER Cumulus is designed to be extremely easy-clean.
All application parts and the ultrasonic cup can be dismantled in seconds. In addition, all parts (including the ultrasonic cup assembly) which may be subject to patient contamination can be disinfected and / or autoclaved.

Product Details

Modular design
HEYER Cumulus features a modular design.
A variety of models are available to suit your requirements:

● Cumulus “Permanent Running System”
● Cumulus “Medication System”
● Cumulus “Infusion-Bottle System”
● Cumulus “Sterile Water System”
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