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Richard Wolf ENDOCAM Flex HD

Product Description

Be flexible – The new camera flexibility in endoscopy

The name speaks for itself: ENDOCAM Flex HD is the innovative camera concept which meets the requirements for an easily operated, space-saving and versatile system.

Product Details

Flexible user spectrum
The camera offers physicians in private practice, specialist hospitals (outpatient operating centers), accident and emergency units, and hospitals with standard or maximum provision (university hospitals) the opportunity to carry out endoscopic treatments fast and easily.

Flexible space requirement
The miniaturized design enables the camera controller to be used where there is no space for conventional large camera controllers. The integrated VESA 100 interface also expands the area of application and permits wall-mounting or attachment on the side of an equipment cart. Additionally, an optional holder allows the camera controller and ENDOLIGHT Flex LED light source to be adapted to a monitor.

Flexible endoscopic interventions
"Plug & Play" easily facilitates adaptation of a large range of flexible sensor endoscopes to be adapted at the camera controller. A total of six new different sensor endoscopes are currently available for the specialist areas of urology and pulmonology.

Another big advantage of the camera is the combination with the new ENDOLIGHT Flex LED light source with identical dimensions and a camera head. This enables conventional and flexible endoscopes to be used as well.

● Compact design – smaller footprint ● Dimensions: 150 mm wide x 58 mm high x 245 mm deep ● Universal application with the new, flexible endoscopes in urology and pulmonology ● Optional camera head for the use of rigid endoscopes with telescope eyepiece ● Adaption of different C-mount lenses ● Attractive value for money ● Integrated VESA 100 interface – for wall-mounting or mounting on the side of an equipment cart ● Optional: holder for adaptation to a monitor
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