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Product Description

Indications and areas of use
HEYER FoggyJet is the ideal inhalation device for therapeutic and prophylactic treatment of the upper and lower respiratory tract. Its specially designed nozzles both nebulize medications and administer aerosols.

By producing a fine mist, the FoggyJet is outstandingly suited to treatment of the respiratory tract. Its main areas of application comprise all respiratory tract disorders such as bronchitis, asthma, cystic fibrosis and bronchiectasis. Additionally, tracheotomy cases and the respiratory tracts of patients who have undergone larynx operations may be treated and humidified.

Product Details

Highly efficient and economical to use.
The FoggyJet offers outstanding features:

● Short inhalation time, high efficiency
● Stable and safe, also in continuous operation
● Easy maintenance
● Economical drug dosing
● Excellent price-performance ratio
● Easy to disinfect
● Compatible with inhalation station HEYER FT51

New standards in safety and hygiene
The CE quality-certified FoggyJet delivers a high level hygienic convenience and can be easily and quickly cleaned, as all parts can be easily removed and sterilized or autoclaved. A special bacteria filter attached to the compressed air inlet provides additional safety and hygiene.

Simple operation
With its two-button instrument panel, the FoggyJet is simple to operate and fast. And thanks to its ultra-low-noise operation, it is thoroughly patient-friendly. The FoggyJet can be used as a fixed or free-standing unit. You choose the location you require.
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