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LPG Systems HUBER® 360

Product Description

HUBER® 360 features the new Multiaxis Motorized Platform™. It comes equipped with force sensors built into the platform and handles. Trained by a health professional, your patients will work safely on both physical and cognitive skills: that’s Neuro Physical Training™. Once mobility and flexibility have been recovered on HUBER® 360, patients can enroll into a Health Sport program in their center to maintain and improve their health.

Product Details

Integrated functional assessment
HUBER® 360 software is fully integrated to the touchscreen tablet. It features a patient assessment, allows to customize the patient’s program and follow up results. This work base is very thorough. It is Wi-Fi connected with the machine and gathers all the benefits of Neuro Physical Training™.

Rehabilitation at 360°
With HUBER® 360 patient treatment is broken down into 4 fundamentals of movement: flexibility and mobility, dynamic reinforcement, posture and balance, resistance.

A real sport for health
HUBER® 360 helps improve physical condition in record time. Thanks to its unique evaluation module, the physiotherapist will be able to precisely identify the patient’s level of aptitudes.
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