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Product Description

HEYER Medical’s new professional inhalation system maris III clinical and medical wellness application. Wellness for the respiratory tract was the guiding principle for the development of this innovative and powerful unit for the moist-warm inhalation.

Product Details

● Universal inhalation system for the nebulization of brine, thermal and seawater and all kinds of drugs with an indication for inhalation therapy.
● Separate nebulizer for brine and drug nebulization.
● Highly integrated, electronically controlled and adjustable heating system for the warm-moist inhalation.
● Exclusive warming of the brine mist.
● Type of therapy selectable: continuously drug nebulization, dosed drug nebulization and brine nebulization. The brine and drug nebulization can be used individually or in combination with activation of the aerosol vibration.
● Therapy time adjustable between 1 to 30 minutes.
● Built-in aerosol vibration module to provide the aerosol particles with a superimposed oscillation of 100 Hz. This causes a deeper penetration and deposition of mist particles inside the upper airways.
● Remote control for drug nebulizer to provide an exclusively nebulization of expensive drugs during inspiration.
● Integrated music module with a connection for headphones.
● Re-breathing protection to prevent contamination of the nebulizer system by the patient.
● All patient parts are removable and easy to sterilize, disinfect and autoclave (up to 121°C).
● Autoclavable stainless-steel bacteria filter for disinfection of the necessary compressed air.
● HEYER maris III can be mounted with flexible support arm on an inhalation basin, mobile on a mobile stand or used as a tabletop unit
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