Merivaara Merilux X1

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Merivaara Merilux X1

Product Description

Merilux X1 light is available as mobile floor model, as well as ceiling and wall-mounted versions.

With its excellent colour rendering index (RA 94), compact design, sterilisable handle and articulated arm, the Merilux X1 fulfils the high quality and hygiene requirements of small procedures and examinations.

Merilux X1 light is at its best in emergency rooms, examination rooms, recovery rooms and ICUs.

Product Details

● High quality of light with low power consumption
● Available both with red light and whole-white
● Infrared-free illumination, low heat generation
● Economic solution with long lasting life cycle
● Maintenance free, no bulb replacements
● Environmentally friendly
● Merilux X1 LED L1+L2 (60%) is 500 mm
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