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Our Partners

  • Chattanooga Group

Chattanooga provide medical supply.

  • DJO Global

DJO Global, Inc. is a leading global provider of high-quality, orthopedic devices, with a broad range of products used for rehabilitation, pain management and physical therapy. They also develop, manufacture and distribute a broad range of surgical reconstructive implant products.

  • Electro Medical Systems

Electro Medical Systems(EMS) is the worldwide market leader in orthopedic extra-corporeal shockwave therapy. EMS is also a leader in lithotripsy, used in urology for breaking stones in the urinary tract. The reputation of EMS is based on the quality of its innovative products and the service offered.

  • Eigen

Already a long-established leader in cardiology and radiology imaging, today Eigen is at the forefront of a revolutionary way for urologists and radiation oncologists to view and biopsy the prostate. Eigen's technology is the first to generate true, navigable and quantifiable 3D images of the prostate from ultrasound.

  • Fujifilm

Fujifilm is a pioneer in diagnostic imaging and information systems for healthcare facilities. Our clinically proven products and technologies are constantly evolving to help medical professionals perform more effectively and efficiently.

  • Heyer

Welcome to HEYER, the specialist in user- and patient-friendly anesthesia, ventilation and inhalation equipment.

  • Hitachi

Hitachi Medical Corporation is comitted to delivering advanced solutions, including diagnostic imaging equipment that meets the needs of physicians and patients.

  • Horiba

HORIBA Medical designs, develops and distributes worldwide, in vitro diagnostic systems mainly destined for biological analysis in medical laboratories. HORIBA expertise in in vitro diagnostics is one of the most respected in hematology and clinical chemistry worldwide and contribute today to the health of tomorrow.

  • Koning Corporation

Our vision is to create a revolution in medical imaging through our advanced Computed Tomography technology.

  • Lumenis

Lumenis is a global leader in the field of minimally-invasive clinical solutions for the Surgical, Ophthalmology and Aesthetic markets, and is a world-renowned expert in developing and commercializing innovative energy-based technologies, including Laser, Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and Radio-Frequency (RF).

  • Merivaara

From Merivaara you get operating room equipment and integration systems, surgical tables, medical lights, stretchers, patient trolleys and hospital beds. We provide a wide range of equipment and solutions for hospitals, day surgery and health clinics, as well as for nursing homes and home care.

  • Pyrexar

PYREXAR HT systems deliver therapeutic heating to cancerous tumors via non-invasive radio-frequency (RF) energy.During PHT treatment, the cancerous tumor is gently warmed to 40-45°C (104-113°F) destroying the malignancy while preserving normal tissues because higher temperatures selectively damage cells that are hypoxic and have a low pH, a condition of cancer cells that is not present in normal cells.

  • Richard Wolf

Richard Wolf manufactures products for endoscopic diagnosis and treatment in human medicine as well as for ESWL and ESWT. Wolf endoscopes have also proven their worth in many technological applications.

  • SLEE

SLEE medical supplies a broad product range for equipping pathological-histological laboratories throughout the world. Their products are used for the sample preparation of microscopic sample material.

  • Weyergans

Weyergans is a high care community of people taking themselves and nature seriously. Their medical products are applied in clinics, rehabilitation centers or medical offices. Mostly doctors and professors with a specialisation in vascular medicine (prevention and acute treatments) profit from our profound skills.