Horiba Pentra DF Nexus SPS evolution

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Horiba Pentra DF Nexus SPS evolution

Product Description

● Autoloader with continuous loading capability
● Rack compatibles with most pre and post analytical systems
● Automatic reflex testing
● Double DIFF Matrix
● Expert validation station
● DHSS* technology

(*HORIBA Medical Patent)

Product Details

Pentra DF Nexus
● Methods of measurement: cytochemistry, impedance and flow cytometry
● Balance concept: automatic control of the leucocyte count based on 3 independent principles
● DHSS: focused flow cytometry and sequential measurement (impedance and absorbance)
● Automatic reflex testing: selective and programmable (hematology parameters, alarms and flags, demography)
● Rack rotation mixing of samples: smooth and efficient
● Quality: complete traceability for each run in compliance with the accreditation requirements

SPS evolution
● Drop needle system: Auto-cleaning drop needle system. Calibration of blood drop
● Smearing system: No inter-sampling contamination, No carry-over, Easy to replace
● Stainer: Choice of Stain: MGG, Wright, Wright Giemsa. Programmable staining protocol
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