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Product Description

Intermittent vacuum therapy – IVT – applies alternating negative pressure (vacuum) and positive pressure to the lower extremities up to the abdomen. The physiological effect is a rhythmic vessel dilation and compression which stimulates the flow in a natural and purely physical way. The result is better circulation, more capillarisation and an increase in the venous and lymphatic reflux. The central nervous system is also stimulated. The treatment is completely pain-free independent of the illness and its stage as it does not employ compression. The user remains completely passive. It is not even necessary to remove clothing.

Product Details

1 refreshing short programme à 15 minutes Electrically adjustable back rest angle for optimum hip bending position Quality corresponds to medical product Class IIa Patented Made in Germany Option of standard display or touchscreen with integrated access control Freely selectable varnish and upholstery colour
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