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Product Description

The treatment parameters of the innovative IVT are almost freely variable intervals of negative and normal pressure phases and the variable intensity of the negative pressure. So the arterial, venous or lymphatic flow can be triggered in a differentiated way functionally and depending on the indication.

Several different indication-specific treatment programmes are available. They run automatically at the press of a button. The pre-programmed settings are based on the experience of over 100,000 applications. This guarantees best practice and makes the therapy not only successful but also simple, safe and delegable.

A treatment takes between 30 and 40 minutes depending on the indication. The application is almost contact-free and is always perceived as pleasant by the patient. In pain therapy for peripheral arterial diseases or in the treatment of chronic wounds eight to 16 sessions within a period of three to six weeks are prescribed. In-patients can be treated daily with IVT.

Product Details

Automatic pre-set treatment programmes for amongst others the following indications: peripheral arterial occlusive diseases (PAOD, stage II - IV) diabetic foot syndrome chronic wounds (arterial, venous and mixed) post-thrombotic syndrome (CVI) sec. lymph oedemas and combined lymph / lipo oedemas arteriosclerotic-induced erectile dysfunction (ED) passive vascular and walking distance training
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