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Product Description

IVT causes a rhythmic dilation and compression of the vessels and capillaries. Physically this increases the circulation, the venous reflux and the disposal of lymph and lymph-dependent waste products. Fully automatically. At the same time the intermittent pressure and vacuum waves provide vascular training which promotes the formation of new collaterals (capillarisation). So the supply and disposal in the treated area is additionally optimised and maintained with a long-term effect.

Product Details

Automatic pre-set treatment programmes* for the following indications: RSI syndrome (repetitive strain injury syndrome, “mouse arm”) CRPS (complex regional pain syndrome) in stage 1 and 2 epicondylitis CTS (carpal tunnel syndrome) post-traumatic / post-operative swelling wound healing acceleration oedema therapy (e.g. after mamma ablation) The height and the angle of the negative pressure tube can be individually adjusted for optimal ergonomics and patient comfort Medical product Class IIa Patented
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